Peer Review

Publishers rely on the Peer - Review before we publish the line of work. It is an evaluation process which enhances and upholds the quality of work. We entirely depend on this process to check that the published material is not only high in quality, also forms the superior instrumental work in the field of medicine.

This is the gold old process that is being followed from years in scientific publishings. The procedure involves a thorough evaluation of work by some of similarly practiced scientists promising that the work of co-scientist is coherent, rigorous and fall in-line with the key discovery information.

Here, we uphold the peer-review procedure under the supervision of core editorial and statistical experts, who are selected, qualified and buttoned reviewers of manuscripts. While reviewing, they remain impartial, knowledgably access the quality of research done, honestly evaluate the key information and meet strict deadlines safeguarding the confidentiality.

Publishers are boastful of the process as this disseminates the poor research which could form a publishing reputation barrier; additionally, eradicates the impairment of scientific research integrity.

The upcoming or the new manuscripts will be assigned to the editorial head of the entire panel, who then responsibly handles the secure process by sending it to the external manuscript reviewer. However, the editorial head takes a final call after thoroughly studying the reviewer's submission.

During this process, we believe in double blind method of peer review. As per this method is concerned, the reviewers are selected based on their academic experience and career accomplishments, the reviewer or the expertise name is veiled until the process is complete and is maintained confidential until the manuscript is published.

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